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Rajesh  Menon

Rajesh Menon

Selected Publications

Kim G, Nagarajan N, Pastuzyn E, Jenks K, Capecchi M, Shepherd J, Menon R, Deep-brain imaging via epi-fluorescence Computational Cannula Microscopy. Sci Rep 2017 Mar 20;7:44791

Shen B, Polson R, Menon R, Increasing the density of passive photonic-integrated circuits via nanophotonic cloaking. Nat Commun 2016 Nov 9;7:13126

Wang P, Mohammad N, Menon R, Chromatic-aberration-corrected diffractive lenses for ultra-broadband focusing. Sci Rep 2016 Feb 12;6:21545

Ebeling CG, Meiri A, Martineau J, Zalevsky Z, Gerton JM, Menon R, Increased localization precision by interference fringe analysis. Nanoscale 2015 Jun 21;7(23):10430-7

Cantu P, Andrew TL, Menon R, Patterning via optical saturable transitions--fabrication and characterization. J Vis Exp 2014 Dec 11;(94):

Ilovitsh T, Meiri A, Ebeling CG, Menon R, Gerton JM, Jorgensen EM, Zalevsky Z, Improved localization accuracy in stochastic super-resolution fluorescence microscopy by K-factor image deshadowing. Biomed Opt Express 2013 Dec 16;5(1):244-58

Kim G, Dominguez-Caballero JA, Lee H, Friedman DJ, Menon R, Increased photovoltaic power output via diffractive spectrum separation. Phys Rev Lett 2013 Mar 22;110(12):123901

Wang P, Menon R, Optimization of periodic nanostructures for enhanced light-trapping in ultra-thin photovoltaics. Opt Express 2013 Mar 11;21(5):6274-85

Masid F, Andrew TL, Menon R, Optical patterning of features with spacing below the far-field diffraction limit using absorbance modulation. Opt Express 2013 Feb 25;21(4):5209-14

Wang P, Menon R, Simulation and analysis of the angular response of 1D dielectric nanophotonic light-trapping structures in thin-film photovoltaics. Opt Express 2012 Jul 2;20 Suppl 4:A545-53

Kim G, Domínguez-Caballero JA, Menon R, Design and analysis of multi-wavelength diffractive optics. Opt Express 2012 Jan 30;20(3):2814-23

Wang P, Menon R, Simulation and optimization of 1-D periodic dielectric nanostructures for light-trapping. Opt Express 2012 Jan 16;20(2):1849-55

Brimhall N, Andrew TL, Manthena RV, Menon R, Breaking the far-field diffraction limit in optical nanopatterning via repeated photochemical and electrochemical transitions in photochromic molecules. Phys Rev Lett 2011 Nov 11;107(20):205501