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Ning  Tian

Phone: 801-213-2852
Office: S5160, Moran Eye Center

Ning Tian

Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering
M.D., Ph.D.


Visual Neurobiology

Current Research

The assembly of neurons into stereotyped circuits is essential to brain function and the selective wiring of neurons in these circuits provides an anatomical basis for discrete information processing. Loss of the circuit architecture is associated with many CNS diseases including neuropsychiatric manifestations, neurodegeneration and conditions of genetic origin. Thus, understanding how circuit architecture is structured and how its disruption impacts the corresponding function is a topic of great interest for both basic and translational neuroscience. However, because billions of neurons in CNS make many function specific circuit assemblies, understanding how each specific neural circuit is formed is a fundamental challenge. The retina and the synaptic circuits in higher centers of visual system are attractive models for the study of synaptic circuits in CNS.

The research conducted in my laboratory covers the neurobiology and molecular biology of the development, plasticity and degeneration of visual system, specifically the retina. Our research has been continuously supported by NIH and other Federal and private funding agents for more than 20 years. Currently, our studies are supported by NIH and Department of Veterans Affairs. One project focuses on the developmental regulation of the synaptic circuits of the visual system. We use genetic, physiological, molecular, imaging and behavioral approaches to investigate the structure, function and regulatory mechanisms of synaptic circuit formation of visual system. Another project focuses on the study of the mechanisms, which regulate the neuronal death and regeneration due to traumatic injuries. Specifically, we use genetic, physiological, molecular, in vivo and in vitro imaging and behavioral approaches to identify the mechanisms, which control the vulnerability of retinal ganglion cells to traumatic injuries and to develop treatment strategy to protect the neurons from death. Many of the approaches we used in our study, such as large scale imaging, mapping of synaptic circuits in retina and brain, large scale neuronal activity recording and analysis, building and developing novel behavioral testing setup for testing of visual perception of mice, genetic engineering manipulation of single neuron activity, etc., could potentially suitable for training of graduate students who are interested in neuronal development, plasticity, degeneration, protection and regeneration. The concepts, the techniques, the genetic tools, the animal models and what we learn about circuit assembly in visual system will not only help to illustrate how the retinal synaptic circuits are constructed under normal and impaired conditions, it will also help to elucidate basic principles that can eventually be applied to CNS disorders in which circuit architecture may be compromised.

Selected Publications

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