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Douglas A. Christensen

Phone: 801-581-7859
Office: 2456 MEB

Douglas A. Christensen

Advisor, Undergraduate Minor Program
BSEE - Brigham Young University
MS - Stanford University
PhD - University of Utah


Waves used for biomedical applications, including therapeutic ultrasound, ultrasonic imaging and optical biosensors.

Current Research

For additional information, including recent teaching assignments, patents and conference presentations, please visit my HOME PAGE.

Current research projects include:

Modeling of Therapeutic Ultrasound: Ultrasound can be used as an energy delivery means. It has found use as a drug-delivery modality, in bone healing, and in tissue heating and ablation. To model the path of the ultrasound beam in imhomogeneous tissue, we have developed a numerical technique called the fast hybrid angular spectrum method (HAS). This project is in collaboration with Profs. Bob Roemer, Dennis Parker and Mikhail Skliar.

Below are some selected additional publications that are not listed in the PubMed "Selected Publications" collection (at the very bottom of this page):

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Selected Publications

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