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Bruce  Gale

Phone: 801-585-5944
Office: 2122 MEB

Bruce Gale

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering


Biomedical Microsystems (BioMEMS), microfluidics, microarray fabrication, biosensors, DNA analysis, protein interactions

Current Research

Current research efforts are directed in these areas:
1. Printing of high-quality protein microarrays and associated highly parallel fluid handling systems
2. Lab-on-a-chip systems for diagnostic applications utilizing DNA analysis techniques
3. Nanoparticle, polymer, and small molecule analysis and separation using field flow fractionation
4. Integration of microfluidic components including: micropumps, microvalves, micromixers, sensors, sample preparation (DNA extraction), and biomolecule detectors/sensors
5. Manufacturing techniques for use in biomedical microfluidic systems

Selected Publications

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