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Carl Thomas Wittwer

Phone: 801-581-4737
Office: 5B426 School of Medicine

Carl Thomas Wittwer

Professor of Pathology
Medical Director, Flow Cytometry and Advanced Technology, ARUP
Co-founder and CSO, Idaho Technology, Inc.
Associate Editor, Clinical Chemistry
Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering
2008 Association for Molecular Pathology Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics
2006 Canadian Society of Clinical Chemistry Traveling Lecturer Award
2006 USU Alumni Achievement Award
2005 IFCC Award: Significant Contribution to Molecular Diagno
1984 MD University of Michigan
1982 PhD Utah State University


Real-time PCR and DNA Melting Analysis

Current Research

Our laboratory develops simple methods for analyzing DNA. In the early 1990s we introduced rapid-cycle PCR techniques for DNA amplification in 10-15 min. In the mid-1990s, we adapted flow cytometry optics to thermal cycling for real-time monitoring of PCR, resulting in the commercial “LightCycler”. As part of this development, SYBR Green I, hybridization probes, and melting analysis were first applied to real-time PCR. Since the early 2000s, we have focused on melting analysis as a DNA analysis method that does not require any separations, electrophoresis, or covalently-labeled oligonucleotide probes. Only two PCR primers and a dye are needed. DNA melting is a fundamental property of DNA and if followed closely, can provide much more information than previously imagined. We recently developed high-resolution melting methods with saturation dyes to provide rapid, inexpensive methods for mutation scanning (identification of heterozygotes), genotyping and sequence matching. The combination of rapid cycle PCR and high resolution melting analysis enables meaningful results in less than 15 min.

Selected Publications

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