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You H. Bae

Phone: (801) 585-1518
Office: 421 Wakara Way, 315

You H. Bae

Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering

Selected Publications

Nurunnabi M, Lee SA, Revuri V, Hwang YH, Kang SH, Lee M, Cho S, Cho KJ, Byun Y, Bae YH, Lee DY, Lee YK, Oral delivery of a therapeutic gene encoding glucagon-like peptide 1 to treat high fat diet-induced diabetes. J Control Release 2017 Aug 28;:

Nichols JW, Sakurai Y, Harashima H, Bae YH, Nano-sized drug carriers: Extravasation, intratumoral distribution, and their modeling. J Control Release 2017 Aug 11;:

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Fan B, Kang L, Chen L, Sun P, Jin M, Wang Q, Bae YH, Huang W, Gao Z, Systemic siRNA Delivery with a Dual pH-Responsive and Tumor-targeted Nanovector for Inhibiting Tumor Growth and Spontaneous Metastasis in Orthotopic Murine Model of Breast Carcinoma. Theranostics 2017;7(2):357-376

Choi YS, Cho DY, Lee HK, Cho JK, Lee DH, Bae YH, Lee JK, Kang HC, Enhanced cell survival of pH-sensitive bioenergetic nucleotide nanoparticles in energy/oxygen-depleted cells and their intranasal delivery for reduced brain infarction. Acta Biomater 2016 Sep 1;41:147-60

Suzuki H, Bae YH, Evaluation of drug penetration with cationic micelles and their penetration mechanism using an in vitro tumor model. Biomaterials 2016 Aug;98:120-30

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