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Brenda  Mann

Phone: 8014416521
Office: 391 Chipeta Way, Suite H

Brenda Mann

Vice President for R&D, EyeGate Pharmaceuticals
Co-founder, Sentrx Animal Care
Registered Patent Agent
BS, Chemical Engineering, Iowa State University
PhD, Chemical Engineering, Rice University
Postdoc, Bioengineering, Rice University


Cellular and Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials

Current Research

Development of synthetic extracellular matrices for medical devices and tissue engineering
Development of cellular microarrays for drug toxicity testing
Stereolithography of hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering
Examining cellular response to different hydrogel microenvironments

Below are some selected additional publications that are not listed in the PubMed "Selected Publications" collection (at the bottom of this page):

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Selected Publications

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