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Sanford  Meek

Phone: 801-581-8562
Office: 2202 MEB

Sanford Meek

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Adjunct Associate Professor, Bioengineering

Selected Publications

Ray A, Williams MA, Meek SM, Bowen RC, Grossmann KF, Andtbacka RH, Bowles TL, Hyngstrom JR, Leachman SA, Grossman D, Bowen GM, Holmen SL, VanBrocklin MW, Suneja G, Khong HT, A phase I study of intratumoral ipilimumab and interleukin-2 in patients with advanced melanoma. Oncotarget 2016 Sep 27;7(39):64390-64399

Frankel MA, Mathews VJ, Clark GA, Normann RA, Meek SG, Control of Dynamic Limb Motion Using Fatigue-Resistant Asynchronous Intrafascicular Multi-Electrode Stimulation. Front Neurosci 2016;10:414

Horch K, Meek S, Taylor TG, Hutchinson DT, Object discrimination with an artificial hand using electrical stimulation of peripheral tactile and proprioceptive pathways with intrafascicular electrodes. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng 2011 Oct;19(5):483-9

Frankel MA, Dowden BR, Mathews VJ, Normann RA, Clark GA, Meek SG, Multiple-input single-output closed-loop isometric force control using asynchronous intrafascicular multi-electrode stimulation. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng 2011 Jun;19(3):325-32

Engeberg ED, Meek SG, Minor MA, Hybrid force-velocity sliding mode control of a prosthetic hand. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 2008 May;55(5):1572-81

Engeberg ED, Meek S, Improved grasp force sensitivity for prosthetic hands through force-derivative feedback. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 2008 Feb;55(2 Pt 2):817-21

Abbott JJ, Meek SG, Digital emulation of pulse frequency modulation for neuroprosthetic sensory feedback. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng 2007 Mar;15(1):131-5

Lee DV, Meek SG, Directionally compliant legs influence the intrinsic pitch behaviour of a trotting quadruped. Proc Biol Sci 2005 Mar 22;272(1563):567-72

Park E, Meek SG, Fatigue compensation of the electromyographic signal for prosthetic control and force estimation. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 1993 Oct;40(10):1019-23

Meek SG, Fetherston SJ, Comparison of signal-to-noise ratio of myoelectric filters for prosthesis control. J Rehabil Res Dev 1992 Fall;29(4):9-20

Wood JE, Meek SG, Jacobsen SC, Quantitation of human shoulder anatomy for prosthetic arm control--II. Anatomy matrices. J Biomech 1989;22(4):309-25

Wood JE, Meek SG, Jacobsen SC, Quantitation of human shoulder anatomy for prosthetic arm control--I. Surface modelling. J Biomech 1989;22(3):273-92

Meek SG, Jacobsen SC, Goulding PP, Extended physiologic taction: design and evaluation of a proportional force feedback system. J Rehabil Res Dev 1989 Summer;26(3):53-62