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Chris J. Myers

Phone: 801-581-6490
Office: MEB 4112

Chris J. Myers

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering
PhD, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 1995
MS, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 1993
BS, Electrical Engineering and Chinese History, Caltech, 1991

Current Research

My current research interests are modeling and analysis of genetic circuits, synthetic biology, probabilistic design methods, algorithms for the computer-aided analysis and design of real-time concurrent systems, analog error control decoders, formal verification, and asynchronous circuit design.

Selected Publications

Zhang M, McLaughlin JA, Wipat A, Myers CJ, SBOLDesigner 2: An Intuitive Tool for Structural Genetic Design. ACS Synth Biol 2017 Jul 21;6(7):1150-1160

Zundel Z, Samineni M, Zhang Z, Myers CJ, A Validator and Converter for the Synthetic Biology Open Language. ACS Synth Biol 2017 Jul 21;6(7):1161-1168

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Kuwahara H, Cui X, Umarov R, Grünberg R, Myers CJ, Gao X, SBOLme: a Repository of SBOL Parts for Metabolic Engineering. ACS Synth Biol 2017 Apr 21;6(4):732-736

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