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Frederic  Noo

Phone: 801-581-5347
Office: UCAIR, 729 Arapeen

Frederic Noo

Assistant professor of Radiology
Adjunct assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering
Ph.D. (1998), Applied Sciences (medical imaging), Univ. of Liege, Belgium
M.S (1993), Mechanical Engineering (physics), Univ. of Liege, Belgium


Image reconstruction problems in X-ray computed tomography and nuclear medicine

Current Research

My current research focusses on two main topics:
(i) development of new techniques for accurate X-ray CT imaging, specifically designed to handle limitations in data acquisition capabilties and/or achieve optimal use of radiation exposure
(ii) construction of an accurate mathematical phantom modelling the heart and its use for the development and evaluation of cardiac X-ray CT imaging techniques

Selected Publications

Young S, Lo P, Kim G, Brown M, Hoffman J, Hsu W, Wahi-Anwar W, Flores C, Lee G, Noo F, Goldin J, McNitt-Gray M, The effect of radiation dose reduction on computer-aided detection (CAD) performance in a low-dose lung cancer screening population. Med Phys 2017 Apr;44(4):1337-1346

Hahn K, Schöndube H, Stierstorfer K, Hornegger J, Noo F, A comparison of linear interpolation models for iterative CT reconstruction. Med Phys 2016 Dec;43(12):6455

Noo F, Guo Z, MO-DE-207A-01: Impact of Statistical Weights On Detection of Low-Contrast Details in Model-Based Iterative CT Reconstruction. Med Phys 2016 Jun;43(6):3700

Xu J, Tsui B, Noo F, MO-DE-207A-02: A Feature-Preserving Image Reconstruction Method for Improved Pancreaticlesion Classification in Diagnostic CT Imaging. Med Phys 2016 Jun;43(6):3700

Young S, Hoffman J, Noo F, McNitt-Gray M, SU-F-I-49: Vendor-Independent, Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction On a Rotating Grid with Coordinate-Descent Optimization for CT Imaging Investigations. Med Phys 2016 Jun;43(6):3397-3398

Young S, Lo P, Hoffman J, Wahi-Anwar M, Noo F, Brown M, McNitt-Gray M, TH-AB-207A-05: A Fully-Automated Pipeline for Generating CT Images Across a Range of Doses and Reconstruction Methods. Med Phys 2016 Jun;43(6):3860

Hoffman J, Noo F, Young S, McNitt-Gray M, TH-AB-207A-09: Tailoring TCM Schemes to a Task: Evaluating the Impact of Customized TCM Profiles On Detection of Lung Nodules in Simulated CT Lung Cancer Screening. Med Phys 2016 Jun;43(6):3861-3862

Morey AM, Noo F, Kadrmas DJ, Effect of Using 2mm Voxels on Observer Performance for PET Lesion Detection. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci 2016 Jun;63(3):1359-1366

Hoffman J, Young S, Noo F, McNitt-Gray M, Technical Note: FreeCT_wFBP: A robust, efficient, open-source implementation of weighted filtered backprojection for helical, fan-beam CT. Med Phys 2016 Mar;43(3):1411-20

Yu Z, Lauritsch G, Dennerlein F, Mao Y, Hornegger J, Noo F, Extended ellipse-line-ellipse trajectory for long-object cone-beam imaging with a mounted C-arm system. Phys Med Biol 2016 Feb 21;61(4):1829-51

Young S, Hoffman J, Noo F, McNitt-Gray M, SU-E-I-35: Development of Stand-Alone Filtered Backprojection and Iterative Reconstruction Methods Using the Raw CT Data Exported From Clinical Lung Screening Scans. Med Phys 2015 Jun;42(6):3249

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Wunderlich A, Noo F, On Efficient Assessment of Image-Quality Metrics Based on Linear Model Observers. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci 2012 Jun;59(3):568-578

McNitt-Gray M, Noo F, Fessier J, Samei E, MO-D-BRA-01: Limits of Dose Reduction in CT: Where are They and How Will We Know When We Get There? Med Phys 2012 Jun;39(6Part21):3868

Wunderlich A, Noo F, Confidence intervals for performance assessment of linear observers. Med Phys 2011 Jul;38 Suppl 1:S57

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Wunderlich A, Noo F, Band-restricted estimation of noise variance in filtered backprojection reconstructions using repeated scans. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2010 May;29(5):1097-113

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