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Charles  Saltzman

Charles Saltzman

Professor and Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery, School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering
LS Peery Presidential Endowed Chair
Medical School: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Residency: University of Michigan
Fellowship: Mayo Clinic


Foot and Ankle

Selected Publications

Hung M, Saltzman CL, Greene T, Voss MW, Bounsanga J, Gu Y, Anderson MB, Peters CL, Gililland J, Pelt CE, Evaluating instrument responsiveness in joint function: The HOOS JR, the KOOS JR, and the PROMIS PF CAT. J Orthop Res 2017 Sep 16;:

Roach KE, Foreman KB, Barg A, Saltzman CL, Anderson AE, Application of High-Speed Dual Fluoroscopy to Study In Vivo Tibiotalar and Subtalar Kinematics in Patients With Chronic Ankle Instability and Asymptomatic Control Subjects During Dynamic Activities. Foot Ankle Int 2017 Aug 1;:1071100717723128

Pagenstert G, Wimmer MD, Jacxsens M, Saltzman CL, Barg A, [Aseptic loosening of total ankle replacement : One-stage revision ankle arthroplasty]. Oper Orthop Traumatol 2017 Jun;29(3):220-235

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