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Mark  Warren

Office: 234 CVRTI

Mark Warren

B.Sc. Physics, Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona
Ph.D., Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona

Selected Publications

Warren M, Sciuto KJ, Taylor TG, Garg V, Torres NS, Shibayama J, Spitzer KW, Zaitsev AV, Blockade of CaMKII depresses conduction preferentially in the right ventricular outflow tract and promotes ischemic ventricular fibrillation in the rabbit heart. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2017 Apr 1;312(4):H752-H767

Holt-Casper D, Theisen JM, Moreno AP, Warren M, Silva F, Grainger DW, Bull DA, Patel AN, Novel xeno-free human heart matrix-derived three-dimensional scaffolds. J Transl Med 2015 Jun 18;13:194

Garg V, Taylor T, Warren M, Venable P, Sciuto K, Shibayama J, Zaitsev A, ß-Adrenergic stimulation and rapid pacing mutually promote heterogeneous electrical failure and ventricular fibrillation in the globally ischemic heart. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2015 May 1;308(9):H1155-70

Venable PW, Sciuto KJ, Warren M, Taylor TG, Garg V, Shibayama J, Zaitsev AV, Mitochondrial depolarization and asystole in the globally ischemic rabbit heart: coordinated response to interventions affecting energy balance. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2015 Mar 1;308(5):H485-99

Lopez-Izquierdo A, Warren M, Riedel M, Cho S, Lai S, Lux RL, Spitzer KW, Benjamin IJ, Tristani-Firouzi M, Jou CJ, A near-infrared fluorescent voltage-sensitive dye allows for moderate-throughput electrophysiological analyses of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2014 Nov 1;307(9):H1370-7

Venable PW, Taylor TG, Sciuto KJ, Zhao J, Shibayama J, Warren M, Spitzer KW, Zaitsev AV, Detection of mitochondrial depolarization/recovery during ischaemia--reperfusion using spectral properties of confocally recorded TMRM fluorescence. J Physiol 2013 Jun 1;591(11):2781-94

Shibayama J, Taylor TG, Venable PW, Rhodes NL, Gil RB, Warren M, Wende AR, Abel ED, Cox J, Spitzer KW, Zaitsev AV, Metabolic determinants of electrical failure in ex-vivo canine model of cardiac arrest: evidence for the protective role of inorganic pyrophosphate. PLoS One 2013;8(3):e57821

Taylor TG, Venable PW, Shibayama J, Warren M, Zaitsev AV, Role of KATP channel in electrical depression and asystole during long-duration ventricular fibrillation in ex vivo canine heart. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2012 Jun 1;302(11):H2396-409

Venable PW, Taylor TG, Shibayama J, Warren M, Zaitsev AV, Complex structure of electrophysiological gradients emerging during long-duration ventricular fibrillation in the canine heart. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2010 Nov;299(5):H1405-18

Warren M, Spitzer KW, Steadman BW, Rees TD, Venable P, Taylor T, Shibayama J, Yan P, Wuskell JP, Loew LM, Zaitsev AV, High-precision recording of the action potential in isolated cardiomyocytes using the near-infrared fluorescent dye di-4-ANBDQBS. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2010 Oct;299(4):H1271-81

Shvedko AG, Warren MD, Shome S, Stinstra J, Zaitsev AV, Influence of the skeletal muscle activity on time and frequency domain properties of the body surface ECG during evolving ventricular fibrillation in the pig. Resuscitation 2008 Aug;78(2):215-23

Matiukas A, Mitrea BG, Qin M, Pertsov AM, Shvedko AG, Warren MD, Zaitsev AV, Wuskell JP, Wei MD, Watras J, Loew LM, Near-infrared voltage-sensitive fluorescent dyes optimized for optical mapping in blood-perfused myocardium. Heart Rhythm 2007 Nov;4(11):1441-51

Warren M, Huizar JF, Shvedko AG, Zaitsev AV, Spatiotemporal relationship between intracellular Ca2+ dynamics and wave fragmentation during ventricular fibrillation in isolated blood-perfused pig hearts. Circ Res 2007 Oct 26;101(9):e90-101

Huizar JF, Warren MD, Shvedko AG, Kalifa J, Moreno J, Mironov S, Jalife J, Zaitsev AV, Three distinct phases of VF during global ischemia in the isolated blood-perfused pig heart. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2007 Sep;293(3):H1617-28

Kneller J, Kalifa J, Zou R, Zaitsev AV, Warren M, Berenfeld O, Vigmond EJ, Leon LJ, Nattel S, Jalife J, Mechanisms of atrial fibrillation termination by pure sodium channel blockade in an ionically-realistic mathematical model. Circ Res 2005 Mar 18;96(5):e35-47

Moreno J, Zaitsev AV, Warren M, Berenfeld O, Kalifa J, Lucca E, Mironov S, Guha P, Jalife J, Effect of remodelling, stretch and ischaemia on ventricular fibrillation frequency and dynamics in a heart failure model. Cardiovasc Res 2005 Jan 1;65(1):158-66

Kalifa J, Jalife J, Zaitsev AV, Bagwe S, Warren M, Moreno J, Berenfeld O, Nattel S, Intra-atrial pressure increases rate and organization of waves emanating from the superior pulmonary veins during atrial fibrillation. Circulation 2003 Aug 12;108(6):668-71

Warren M, Guha PK, Berenfeld O, Zaitsev A, Anumonwo JM, Dhamoon AS, Bagwe S, Taffet SM, Jalife J, Blockade of the inward rectifying potassium current terminates ventricular fibrillation in the guinea pig heart. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 2003 Jun;14(6):621-31

Warren M, Bragós R, Casas O, Rodríguez-Sinovas A, Rosell J, Anivarro I, Cinca J, Percutaneous electrocatheter technique for on-line detection of healed transmural myocardial infarction. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 2000 Aug;23(8):1283-7