Course Information for 5601 - Scanning Electron Microscopy
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Primary Instructor: Rob S. MacLeod
Credits: 3.0
Semesters Offered:Spring
Frequency Offered:As Needed
Cross Listings:ECE 5960, ME EN 5960, MET E 7910, Physics 5739
Prerequisites:Chemistry 1220 and Physics 2220
Catalog Description: Introduction to principles of electron microscopy: sources, detectors, beam materials interactions ·Techniques for image optimization ·Hi-res imaging, including nonconducting and delicate samples ·Chemical analysis via x-ray spectroscopy: qualitative and quantitative analysis, mapping. ·Advanced techniques: SEM-based STEM, EBSD (Electron BackScatter Differentiation for imaging crystallographic orientations in metals), analytical ESEM (for biological, hydrated and sensitive samples)
Required Texts:Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis by Goldstein, et al. ISBN 0-306-47292-9
Course Syllabus:Syllabus_5601.pdf