Course Information for 5501 - Biomolecular Engineering
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Primary Instructor: Jessica R. Kramer
Credits: 2.0
Semesters Offered:Spring
Frequency Offered:Annual
Cross Listings:graduate elective
Catalog Description: The primary theme of this course is modern tools and methods engineers can use to precisely design biomolecules and biomimetics. The course focus will be directed toward applications as therapeutics, sensors, medical materials, and as tools for fundamental discoveries about life processes in health and disease. Oligonucleotides, polypeptides, polysaccharides, and lipids will be discussed in terms of their molecular structure, sites of chemical modification, biosynthesis vs laboratory synthesis, and modern analytical techniques. Students will work in teams to create contemporary content for Wikipedia pages on relevant course topics.
Course Syllabus:Syllabus_5501.pdf