Course Information for 7150 - Introduction to Biomimetic Engineering
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Primary Instructor: Russell J. Stewart
Credits: 3.0
Semesters Offered:Spring
Frequency Offered:As Needed
Prerequisites:Instructor's consent
Catalog Description: Integration of energy transduction and transport of matter found in living systems with mimetic engineering of the same processes in laboratory. After studying selected biological examples, students design a biomimetic system that performs an identical or similar function and measures its performance. The course consists of laboratory experiments, tutorial, and a set of lectures. The tutorials are designed to teach students how to culture and use cells, design membrane mimetic surfaces using Langmuir-Blodgett trough and liposomes, use fluorescent markers and modern spectroscopic and optical microscopic techniques, such as DIC and 3-D confocal microscopy. Note: this course is unlikely to be offered in 2008/2009.
Required Texts:Lecture notes and laboratory instructions posted on the Web
Course Syllabus:none