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Primary Instructor: Jeffrey A. Weiss
Credits: 3.0
Semesters Offered:Fall
Frequency Offered:Even Years
Prerequisites: BIOEN 4250 (Biomechanics I) or BIOEN 5250 (Biomechanics II), or another course in solid mechanics or continuum mechanics. Undergraduate juniors or seniors who meet the prerequisite may enroll in this class with approval of the Instructor.
Class Schedule: T,H - 10:45am-12:05pm
Catalog Description: This course focuses on analysis of the mechanics of biological materials and biomaterials using the FEBio software suite ( It builds on the concepts related to continuum mechanics and biomechanics covered in Biomechanics I and II. We will study the nonlinear biomechanics and biophysics of solids and mixtures using the FEBio software as both a learning tool and to execute semester projects. Lecture topics will include tutorials on using the FEBio software suite, a brief review of continuum mechanics principles, constitutive modeling frameworks for bio-viscoelastic solids and mixtures, and the fundamentals of nonlinear finite element analysis. Homework and semester projects will make use of FEBio. In consultation with the instructor, students will select and work on a biomechanics or biophysics simulation project, making use of the FEBio software suite over the course of the semester. Students will have flexibility to design a project that fits their research or academic interests, or the instructor will help the student to formulate a project. The project may make use of any of the simulation capabilities of the FEBio software suite, including nonlinear solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, reaction/transport, homogenization, etc.
Required Texts:None
Course Syllabus:Syllabus_7210.pdf