Course Information for 6220 - Biofluid Mechanics
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Primary Instructor: Lucas H. Timmins
Credits: 3.0
Semesters Offered:Fall
Frequency Offered:Even Years
Prerequisites:PHYS 2210, MATH 2250 (differential equations and linear algebra), and BIOEN 3301 or course(s) in computational methods; BIOEN 4250 (Biomechanics I) or course(s) in continuum mechanics are suggested, although not required. Undergraduate juniors or seniors who meet the prerequisites may enroll.
Catalog Description: Selected topics from physiological fluid dynamics, including aquatic animal propulsion, animal flight, respiratory flow patterns, blood flow and pulse propagation, rheology of blood flow in the microcirculation.
Required Texts:There is not an official textbook for BIOEN 6220; however, class notes/handouts will be available.
Optional Texts:Several textbooks that cover various course material will be on reserve at the Marriott Library.
Course Syllabus:Syllabus_6220.pdf