Course Information for 4990 - BIOEN Research or Internship I
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Primary Instructor: Heather Palmer
Credits: 1.0
Semesters Offered:Spring
Frequency Offered:Annual
Prerequisites:Consent of instructor and signed research contract submitted to the instructor.
Class Schedule: TBD
Catalog Description: This course provides coaching and best practices for research laboratory or the internship experience. Research projects in biomedical engineering are determined by student and her/his faculty supervisor/internship manager and must be decided upon and approved prior to enrolling in BIOEN 4990. The research project or internship project lays the foundation for the material presented. This course lays the foundation for BIOEN 4991 and 4992. Prior to BIOEN 4991, the research/internship project must be completed, and a minimum of 200 hours must be spent in that endeavor. BIOEN 4990 cannot be taken concurrently with 4991.
Course Syllabus:Syllabus_4990.pdf