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Friday December 1, 2017 -- Finding Needles in DNA-Stacks: Approaches to Sequencing for Rare DNA Modification Sites

SMBB 2650, 11:45 am

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Speaker: Cynthia Burrows, Chair of Biological Chemistry, University of Utah

Presentation Abstract:

While whole-genome sequencing is now a common technique for examining A, T, C, and G, the only base modification that is robustly sequenced is 5-methylC via bisulfite sequencing. We are interested in finding rare, one-in-a-million, base modifications such as 8-oxoguanine and abasic sites that are important epigenetic-like marks in DNA impacting gene expression. We show that single-molecule analysis of certain DNA lesions can be performed via nanopore methods, and that whole genome sequencing for these lesions can be accomplished by a combination of chemical tagging and Next-Gen sequencing; however, problems of concentration and amplification need to be overcome. Nanopore methods have also provided new insight into DNA folding (hairpins, G-quadruplexes, i-motifs) and base pair dynamics (base flipping).

Faculty Host: Jessica Kramer Contact: