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Thursday February 22, 2018 -- "Using Neural Engineering Approaches for Stroke Rehabilitation"

SMBB 2650, 12:45 pm

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Speaker: Tanuj Gulati , Department of Neurology, University of California, San Francisco

Presentation Abstract:

My work involves using neuroprosthetic (or brain-machine interface) and reach-to-grasp tasks in rodents to better understand the motor skill consolidation process in the intact and the injured brain. I am interested in both ‘online’ (i.e., during task practice) and ‘offline’ (i.e. during sleep) processes that contribute to skill learning. I will present my recent work that demonstrates the "offline" processes (e.g. sleep) that occur in motor networks that contribute to skill consolidation, and how they can serve as neuromodulatory targets for rehabilitation. I am also interested in "online" (e.g. during task practice) processes associated with skill consolidation, and will present another line of related research that builds on this and uses neural engineering strategies that are aimed at restoring motor function after stroke.

Faculty Host: Chris Butson