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Friday November 9, 2018 -- Polymeric Delivery Systems for the Combination Delivery of Antiretroviral Drugs against HIV

SMBB Auditorium 2650, 11:45 am

Speaker: Kim Woodrow, Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington

Presentation Abstract:

The delivery of drug combinations is a paradigm for treatment of cancer, HIV/AIDS and drug resistant bacterial infections. My laboratory is interested in the application of engineered biomaterials to control the spatial and temporal delivery of a combination of agents (small molecules, biologics, conjugates). Strategies to combine chemically incompatible agents may facilitate the discovery of unique drug-drug activities, particularly unexplored combination drug synergy. In this presentation, I will summarize our efforts to develop polymeric delivery systems for the combination delivery of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs in HIV prevention, treatment and cure. We have developed polymeric particulate and fiber carrier systems for delivering ARV drug combinations. The flexibility to design the nanoarchitecture of these polymeric carriers, combined with the versatility of drugs that can be encapsulated for controlled release, motivate the use of these systems for topical, injectable or oral delivery of combination agents.