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Wednesday September 19, 2018 --

SMBB Auditorium 2650, 12:00 am

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Speaker: Pratap Khanwilkar, VP of Product Development, InCube Labs LLC

Pratap is an alumni of the University Utah (MS, PhD in Bioengineering and MBA) with a BSEE from the Indian Institute of Technology . He has successfully developed and translated medical products into clinical and commercial use and started/contributed to academic, industry, government and non-profit initiatives in medtech. These stints have included: 1) Directing engineering at the Artificial Heart Research Laboratory at the University of Utah, 2) Founder/CEO of MedQuest Products, a UU Spinoff LVAD company, from garage start-up to acquisition by a public company. This included co-inventing a fully magnetically levitated LVAD from concept to FDA approved pivotal clinical trials in the US, 3) Leading the successful Coulter Translational Research Partnership II Program at the University of Pittsburgh as its Founding Director, and 4) VP of Product Development for medtech incubator InCube Labs at its San Antonio TX operations. Pratap is also an active angel investor as part of Alamo Angels, and President of the Health Cell, a non-profit volunteer group whose mission is to grow the San Antonio TX regional healthcare and medtech/biotech ecosystem.