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M.S. Thesis Defense, Friday April 20, 2018 -- FEBio Finite Element Models of the Human Lumbar Spine

WEB 3780 - Evans Conference Room at SCI , 2:30 pm

Speaker: Sean Finley. Advisor: Dr. Benjamin J. Ellis


Finite element analysis has proven to be a viable method for assessing many structure-function relationships in the human lumbar spine. Several validated models of the spine have been published, but they typically rely on commercial packages and are difficult to share between labs. The goal of this study is to present the development of the first open-access models of the human lumbar spine in FEBio. This modeling framework currently targets three deficient areas in the field of lumbar spine modeling: 1) open-access models, 2) accessibility for multiple meshing schemes, and 3) options to include advanced hyperelastic and biphasic constitutive models.